Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions of Roses 2 Go Florists

Why are Roses 2 Go Roses the best?

The reason that the roses from Roses 2 Go Florists & A Dozen Roses - The Rose Farm in Warnervale are so delightful and give ultimate satisfaction is because:-

1.  The Roses supplied by Roses 2 Go Florists are all grown hydroponically with optimum nutrition and with climatic conditions controlled in the state-of-the-art greenhouses for optimum growth & health of the roses

2.  The roses are all grown locally at the rose farm in Woongarrah (also known as Warnervale) so they are always guaranteed to be FRESH and our roses are no older than 2 days old at any time so Roses 2 Go Florists can guarantee the vase life of our roses will be a minimum of 7 days

3.  The roses from Roses 2 Go Florists are GUARANTEED TO LAST A MINIMUM OF 7 DAYS!

4.  The roses are all grown using the latest environmentally-friendly growing techniques i.e. Roses 2 Go implements I.P.M. Integrated Pest Management  thus no using any harsh or toxic pesticides or chemicals when growing our hydroponic roses; Roses 2 Go uses bio-control and predatory bugs are used to eliminate or control problematic pests or diseases.

5.  Roses 2 Go uses a closed irrigation system so all water is 100% recycled and therefore our roses are grown without wasting precious water.

6.  All our staff and florists are highly trained to fully understand our hydroponic roses and to assist you get maximum satisfaction from the vase life of the roses.

7.  Our post-harvest procedure of our roses is outstanding to minimum any stress to the roses and get them as fully hydrated at possible.  Roses 2 Go uses Chrysal RVB for the post-harvest solution for our hydroponic roses and we feel this solution is the best for fresh cut roses. 

8.  Roses 2 Go Florists always supply Chrysal Universal flower food sachets with all our roses sold at our Roses 2 Go Florist Shops.  This is an added bonus to our valued customers so they have the best chance of caring for the roses in the best possible manner for extended pleasure.

9.  Roses 2 Go Florirsts always supply customers with a detail "Rose Care Instruction" slip with every bunch of roses sold and this instruction slip gives detailed information on the precise care for maximum vase life and satisfaction of our hydroponic fresh cut roses.

Why do the roses grown by Roses 2 Go not have a strong perfume/scent?

1.  The fresh cut hydroponic roses grown by Roses 2 Go and sold in the Roses 2 Go Florist shops are grown specifically for longevity and extended vase life.  They are not grown for perfume or scent.  Every rose bloom does have a fragrance - yes, sometimes it is very, very slight and sometime it is over-powering - the roses we choose to grow have very little fragrance / perfume / scent because when a rose has a strong fragrance it emits ethylene which is an ageing agent and causes the blooms to die prematurely.  Therefore, the roses we have selected have only a very slight fragrance and so do not emit much ethylene and therefore have extended vase life. 

Do your roses last much longer because they are hydroponically grown?

1.  No, not necessarily so.  Yes - great growing conditions with optimum light quality, temperatures, humidity and nutrition all play a part in vase life and Roses 2 Go prides itself in using the latest environmentally-friendly cultivation techniques when growing our hydroponic roses and Wade Mann is a master rose grower with a talent for growing beautiful long-lasting roses but vaselife is also dictated by the variety of the roses grown and we choose varieties with not much fragrance but with great vase life.  The post-harvest treatment and cold storage practices are also vital for good vase life.  We do ensure our roses stay 12 hours in the coldroom on post-harvest solution before they are sold therefore their hydration levels will be good and this too will assist with extended vase life.  Therefore, in a nutshell the combination of great growing conditions and practices, variety selection, excellent post-harvest procedures, temperature control in the coldroom and florist shops, and giving customers good instructions on the care of the roses after the sale in addition to the flower food sachet all contribute to our roses reputation for brilliant vase life.


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