Roses and Their Meanings


Rose Colours and Their Meanings

Red Roses symbolise Love; Passion; True Love; Respect; Courage; "I Love You"

Yellow Roses symbolise Joy & Gladness; Welcome Home; Friendship; Freedom; "Missing You"
Pink Roses symbolise Gratitude; Appreciation; Admiration; Sympathy; Happiness; "Happy Birthday"
Orange Roses symbolise Desire; Fascination; Boldness; Enthusiasm ; Mystique; "I'm Proud Of You"
Lavender Roses symbolise Fantasy; Enchantment; Bewitchment; Lust; "Love at First Sight"
White Roses symbolise Sincerity; Secrecy; Purity; Innocence; Reverence; "Pure Love"
Rose Numbers and Their Meanings
                    1 ROSE              Love at First Sight
                    2 ROSES            Mutual Feelings
                    3 ROSES            I Love You! 
                   6 ROSES            Do you love me? 
                   7 ROSES            I’m infatuated with You! 
                   9 ROSES            Together As Long as We Live! 
                   10 ROSES          You’re Perfect! 
                   11 ROSES          You are my Treasured One! 
                    12 ROSES          Be my Valentine! 
                   13 ROSES          Forever Friends!
                   15 ROSES          I’m really sorry!
                   20 ROSES          I’m sincere towards You! 
                   21 ROSES          I’m committed to You! 
                   24 ROSES          Do you still love me? 
                   36 ROSES          I’ll remember our Romantic Moments 
                   40 ROSES          My love is genuine! 
                   48 ROSES          Passion! 
                   99 ROSES          I’ll Love You till the day I die….. 
                   100 ROSES       I’m totally devoted to you 
                   101 ROSES       You’re my one and only 
                   108 ROSES       Will you marry me? 
                   999 ROSES       My love will last till the end of time
                   10,000 ROSES    Tyrade is out of stock.......
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