Hydroponic Growing of Roses

By definition - the word "Hydroponic" means the art of growing plants without using soil. A Dozen Roses supplied by Tyrade Pty Ltd grows it's roses hydroponically as they are planted and cultivated in coco-peat which is a growing medium made from the milled husks of coconuts and produced in Sri Lanka.

Coco-peat has come to the fore in the rose growing industry as an ideal medium as it has good drainage properties but at the same time retains good moisture content; it is also very stable and is unaffected by fertilizers applied to it, it's consistency is very fine which is perfect for the development of fine root hairs which are responsible for most of the absorption of nutrients and water required by the rose plants. Coco-peat does not affect the pH and EC. At the end of it's life expectancy it is bio-degradable and does not present a hazard to the environment.

How the plants are grown in the broccoli boxes in the coco-peat medium.  There are four plants to a broccoli box & two/three drippers to a box.  Notice all the gutters under the broccoli boxes to collect any run-off water - which is then re-cycled - in a "closed re-circulated system".

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