Florist Central Coast - Our Mission

A Dozen Roses Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a world class rose production facility consistently striving to cultivate, develop and deliver roses of outstanding quality in a harmonius environment. 

We aspire to provide superior service for all our products of great value, whilst ensuring every customer a lasting experience from "A Dozen Roses"

A Dozen Roses Vision Statement

The vision of "A Dozen Roses" is to inspire our customers by revealing our passion for superior quality roses that are guaranteed to last and change the way you feel, naturally.

A Dozen Roses Culture Statement

The culture at "A Dozen Roses" is one of:-

* Credibility

* Responsibility

* Versatility

* Integrity

* Loyalty

* Transparency

* Balance

With a strong commitment to our staff, customers, community and the environment.

Outgrow Outclass Outlast Outstanding