Roses 2 Go Florist Woongarrah

Roses 2 Go Florist Woongarrah & A Dozen Roses - The Rose Farm in WarnervaleFresh Hydroponic Roses – Quality Guaranteed! 


Roses 2 Go Florist Woongarrah &  A Dozen Roses - The Rose Farm Shop Warnervale

The Rose Farm Shop is based at 105-115 Hakone Road,  Woongarrah (Warnervale) which is where the roses are grown.  There is a large free car park right outside the rose shop which is extremely convenient.  Roses 2 Go Florist Woongarrah is a spectacular sight with all the masses of beautiful roses & rose arrangements on display –  added with the gorgeous aroma of freshly made pot pourri – a visit is an experience in itself.  The shop is furnished with beautiful family antiques that adds a very homely and special atmosphere. 

This shop is fully airconditioned & is kept at a chilly 16ºC to keep all the roses cool & fresh.  Our staff are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about roses. Come in and experience it for yourself.

Roses 2 Go Florist Woongarrah offers a full florist service and delivers across the Central Coast and now we can send our perfect roses in our new exclusive “Roses-2-Go Paks” to almost anywhere in Australia.  We specialize in fresh roses and can supply them in any type of arrangement for any occasion from anniversaries to funerals.  There is a vast variety of roses to choose from – so we can meet your every need.

Phone us now or order on line to purchase the best quality roses on the Central Coast for the best value for money prices – guaranteed to last a week!!!!!!!


TEL:  (02)  4392 4155  FAX:  (02) 43924255
Roses 2 Go Florist Woongarrah

105-115 Hakone Road, Woongarrah, New South Wales, 2259

Normal Hours of Business :

Monday - Friday  8:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday  8:00am - 1:00pm

Pop in and see our glorious range of beautiful rose blooms fresh from our farm!



Friday 11th May, 2018 8am - 6pm

Saturday 12th May, 2018 8am - 6pm

SUNDAY 13TH MAY, 2018 7AM - 5PM



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Maximise The Vase life of A Dozen Roses

 A Dozen Roses supplied by Tyrade (Pty) Ltd recommends the following steps to ensure you get the most enjoyment out the hydroponic roses purchased from The Rose Farm. The following method will extend the vase life and thus allow the roses to bloom for longer and to be truly appreciated. We believe in quality and freshness and we GUARANTEE our product for 7 days - but you must give the roses half a chance!

  1. Fill a clean vase (glass or otherwise) with fresh tap water.
  2. Empty the contents of the Chrysal (provided with all bunches of roses purchased from our rose outlets) flower food into the water and allow it to dissolve.
  3. Re-cut the rose stems about 1 - 2 cm from the bottom of the stem.
  4. Place the stems directly into the water.
  5. Remove any foliage that is beneath the water line.
  6. Place the vase in a cool place - not in direct sunlight or beside a fireplace or heater or air conditioner or in a draft - also not near fruit as the ethylene emitted by fruit hastens the ripening of roses and shortens their vase life.
  7. Replacing the water every 4/5 days would be beneficial and re-cutting the bottom of the stems again may assist too but is not always necessary.

Sit back and enjoy your ROSES - and have a ROSEY DAY!

Rose Varieties Grown By A Dozen Roses

 A Dozen Roses selects only the very best varieties to cultivate at the rose farm in Warnervale,Central Coast of New South Wales.   Wade Mann trials and tests all rose varieties before we plant a commercial planting of any one variety.  This is to ensure great growing qualities, resistance to disease, good stem length, good rose bud size, consistent colour and decent production.  Then, the trial varieties are then sent out to our retail shops on the farm in Warnervale and the rose outlet in Ourimbah - to test transportability, vase life and marketablity.  The vase life is imperative to our good name - we guarantee our roses will last a week therefore all varieties grown by ourselves MUST have great vase life qualities.  The marketablity is also very important and we trust our loyal customers to have a substantial share in helping us decide whether or not to growing certain new varieties - because they can tell us if they would buy that shape & coloured rose or not.  This way - we are insured to have success with all new rose varieties introduced to our colour mix.  We use rose breeders from all over the world and are growing the following varieties:-

African Dawn! - Bred by Schreurs, The Netherlands

April!   - Bred by Schreurs, The Netherlands

Aqua! - Bred by Schreurs, The Netherlands

Cool Waters! - Bred by Schreurs, The Netherlands

Fire Fox - Bred by Grandifloral, Australia

Leandra - Bred by Tantau, Germany

Milva - Bred by Tantau, Germany

Mi-Amor! - Bred by Schreurs, The Netherlands

New Iceberg! - Bred by Kordes, The Netherlands

Pacific Blue - Bred by Tantau, Germany

Poison! - Bred by Schreurs, The Netherlands

Red Calypso - Bred by De Ruiters, The Netherlands

Rosita Vendela - Bred by Tantau, Germany

Sahara - Bred by Meilland, France

Sunking - Bred by Meilland, France

Tommy! - Bred by Schreurs, The Netherlands

Tropical Amazone - Bred by De Ruiters, The Netherlands

Upper Cloud - Bred by Preesman, The Netherlands

Vendela - Bred by Tantau, Germany

To see our latest variety catalogue and colour chart please click here

Rose Colours and Their Meanings


Red Roses symbolise Love; Passion; True Love; Respect; Courage; "I Love You"
Yellow Roses symbolise Joy & Gladness; Welcome Home; Friendship; Freedom; "Missing You"
Pink Roses symbolise Gratitude; Appreciation; Admiration; Sympathy; Happiness; "Happy Birthday"
Orange Roses symbolise Desire; Fascination; Boldness; Enthusiasm ; Mystique; "I'm Proud Of You"
Lavender Roses symbolise Fantasy; Enchantment; Bewitchment; Lust; "Love at First Sight"
White Roses symbolise Sincerity; Secrecy; Purity; Innocence; Reverence; "Pure Love"

Rose Numbers and Their Meanings

1 ROSE              Love at First Sight

                    2 ROSES            Mutual Feelings
                    3 ROSES            I Love You! 
                   6 ROSES            Do you love me? 
                   7 ROSES            I’m infatuated with You! 
                   9 ROSES            Together As Long as We Live! 
                   10 ROSES          You’re Perfect! 
                   11 ROSES          You are my Treasured One! 
                    12 ROSES          Be my Valentine! 
                   13 ROSES          Forever Friends!
                   15 ROSES          I’m really sorry!
                   20 ROSES          I’m sincere towards You! 
                   24 ROSES          Do you still love me?
                   36 ROSES          I’ll remember our Romantic Moments
                   40 ROSES          My love is genuine!
                   48 ROSES          Passion! 
                   99 ROSES          I’ll Love You till the day I die….. 
                   100 ROSES       I’m totally devoted to you 
                   101 ROSES       You’re my one and only 
                   108 ROSES       Will you marry me? 
                   999 ROSES       My love will last till the end of time
                   10,000 ROSES   Roses 2 Go is out of stock.......




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