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2011 Central Coast Retailer of the Year Award, Central Coast Mercedes Benz & Central Coast Business Review Excellence Awards Winner

Roses 2 Go Florists were named the inaugral winner of this prestigous award for Excellence in Retail - wow! what an honour in a very tough competition.  Thank-you to the sponsors, judges and all the businesses that took part in this wonderful new award competition.

Sydney Markets Florist of the Year  - Winner of August Florist of the Month

Roses 2 Go Florist East Gosford is excited to announce that it won the Sydney Markets Florist of the Month Award for August - making this beautiful florist shop on the Central Coast of New South Wales a finalist in the over all competition of Sydney Market Florist of the Year 2011.


2010 Florist of the Year, Central Coast Business Achiever Awards

Oh my heavens - what a great honour it is for Roses 2 Go Florist East Gosford to take out the top award after just 10months of operation in East Gosford. WOW!  The team at Roses 2 Go Pty Ltd are absolutely thrilled - this is fantastic news!  Being named as the TOP FLORIST on the Central Coast is awesome and even more exciting is that we have now won this award 3 times out of the last 4 years.  A Big thank-you to our loyal & supportive customers and a big congratulations to the entire team at Roses 2 Go Florists.

To top the evening off - both Roses 2 Go Florist in East Gosford and Roses 2 Go Florist in Warnervale were named in the TOP FIVE BUSINESSES on the Central Coast & were finalists for Business of the Year.   What an amazing acknowledgement for our Roses 2 Go Florists on the Central Coast.

2009 Florist of the Year, Central Coast Business Achiever Awards

Oops! We've Done It AGAIN!  Yes, A Dozen Roses - Woongarrah/Warnervale has taken top honours in the Central Coast Business Achievers Awards - getting the Florist of the Year Award for the Central Coast Region.  We are so excited and proud of our fantastic team here at A Dozen Roses - from Wade Mann the "best rose grower" ever to our trainee florists - everyone team member has put in 100% effort to prove we do a great job.  Thank-you very much to all our loyal & forever supportive customers, friends & family - without you we are NOTHING - this award is for YOU! 

We were also thrilled to be nominated in the TOP FIVE BUSINESSES for the Central Coast - WOW! this is truly an honour and testament to a family committed & passionate about the finest quality roses day in and day out, year in and year out :-)

 2008 Yellow Business Champions Award Winner for Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Everything’s Rosy at A Dozen Roses

A Dozen Roses Warnervale

Local business ‘A Dozen Roses’ is the winner of the inaugural Central Coast Yellow™ Local Business Champion award.

Owners Nicky and Wade Mann were ecstatic to learn of the news, particularly as they were nominated by the local Central Coast community.

“We’re so excited and honoured to be recognised for our contribution to the Central Coast community. We are also thrilled for our loyal customers who always support us – their true local rose grower - because this is as much their award as it is ours. We sincerely thank our wonderful staff, friends and customers,” Nicky Mann said.

A Dozen Roses, also known as Tyrade Pty Ltd, started operating in January 2003 and after a year producing roses in Australia realised there was huge demand and great potential for the quality hydroponic blooms they produce.
Today Tyrade Pty Ltd has a total of 6000m² of hydroponic roses under twin-skin plastic greenhouse cultivation and approximately 44,000 rose bushes.

Tyrade Pty Ltd sells all roses in bunches of dozens which is how roses were traditionally given as a symbol of love. Due to the popularity of the product they began trading as ‘A Dozen Roses’ which enabled customers to quickly identify with them.

In addition the hydroponic rose growing facility is open for guided tours to gain an interesting insight into the latest environmentally cultivation techniques.

Yellow™ Regional Account Director for the Central Coast Peter Ryan was pleased to announce A Dozen Roses as the 2008 Yellow™ Local Business Champion.

“Local business owners are the lifeblood of the economy and there are some outstanding businesses giving back to their communities all around Australia that deserve to be recognised. A Dozen Roses is a great example of a business which not only provides a much needed product but also gives tirelessly back to the Central Coast community,” he said.

Over the years A Dozen Roses has provided tremendous support to many local community organisations in particular with major donations of roses to the local Cancer Council branch for use at events.

Nicky and Wade will be awarded $4000 to assist with the future development of their business and Yellow™ will donate a further $1000 to their nominated charity Bear Cottage, a charity for children living with cancer and their families.

”This was an extremely hard decision to make as there are so many worthy charities really in need of funds but we selected Bear Cottage because a local nine year old student from our children’s school, Mary Mackillop Catholic College, Warnervale – Ryan D’Annibale - is currently being cared for by this lovely facility. Bear Cottage gives palliative care for terminally ill children and accommodates their families and often gets very little recognition or support for the absolutely wonderful staff and place that it is. Also maybe one day there will be a Bear Cottage on the Central Coast – which will really assist Central Coast families staying close to home, friends and family which is so important when dealing with childhood cancer,” said Nicky.

Nicky and Wade will also receive six complimentary Small Business Workshops care of the Central Coast Business Advisory Service.

Sensis, the publisher of Yellow™, is committed to supporting the growth and prosperity of the small business community and is proud to promote some of the best businesses across the nation.

Find out more about A Dozen Roses


2007 TRUE LOCAL FLORIST OF THE YEAR for the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Yes! A Dozen Roses Warnervale won the prestigious award for the “Florist of the Year” .  The Mann family & all the staff at A Dozen Roses were so grateful for the recognition.  We funny enough also felt we truly deserved to win this award as we are the only TRUE LOCAL ROSE GROWER – selling only what we actually grow here at the farm in Warnervale – nothing is imported or brought onto the Central Coast for us to sell. We also supply the very best hydroponic roses at the best value for money prices and we also are extremely conscious of our impact on the environment so use only the latest environmentally-friendly cultivation & processing techniques. We offer a full florist service and can supply fresh roses for any occasion in any type of arrangement from birthdays, weddings, anniversaries to funerals.

2006 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - Accreditation

Tyrade got 94% in the IPM accreditation audit which certifies that all cultivation & processing is carried out according to the strict stipulations of the accreditation program. Therefore, showing we have fully trained personnel properly managing our I.P.M. program, we are using the correct bio-controls, we are using soft chemicals with little or no residual effect, the entire management of our hydroponic business is extremely aware of our environment and the sustainability of our industry in the future.

2005 Water Innovation Recognition

A Dozen Roses were visited by a group of individuals and businesses all heavily involved in water conservation & innovative ways to reduce water wastage. A Dozen Roses was recognized as an exemplary operation & highly commended on our strict water recycling program. We are extremely proud of the fact that we DO NOT run to waste any water used in our hydroponic system. WE DO RECYCLE ALL WATER used in our “closed-irrigation system” – we use an ozone cleaner to purify & sterilize the recycled water. All the roses are grown in coco-peat which is a 100% bio-degradeable substance – we use local burnt ash as a base underneath the coco-peat to stop it from clogging up the recycling system. We capture all run-off/excess water and nutrients in a guttering system below the rose boxes. This water is collected in underground tanks and then re-used. We also capture all rain-water off the roofs of the greenhouses & store that in massive big water tanks. We can store up to 6 months water supply in our tank system which is excellent and absolutely necessary in this day and age.

The hydroponic system of growing is highly efficient and there is little to no wastage of water or nutrients what-so-ever as Wade Mann – the grower is continuously – checking & regulating the feed & watering program according to the growing conditions. We use Soilzone Solutes in Western Australia for monthly water & feed analysis – we find the team there to be highly efficient and the information we get is imperative to the success of the fertigation program that Wade Mann implements.



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