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About Us

Tyrade was originally a company formed in Zimbabwe by Merle and Tony Mann and was named after their two sons Tyron and Wade, hence Tyrade.

The Mann family owned and operated a highly diverse farming operation in Zimbabwe consisting of growing tobacco, maize, wheat, barley, soya beans, grass seed, beef cattle and FRESH CUT ROSES FOR EXPORT. 

However, due to the political unrest and the land reform policies of Zimbabwe - the situation became volatile and hostile in Zimbabwe - the Mann family decided to migrate to Australia after being forcefully evicted from their family-owned farm of 20 years.  The Mann family made a decision to consolidate their limited resources and put all their skills, expertise and effort into a highly intensive hydroponic rose growing operation.  With the experience of exporting fresh cut roses to European and Asian markets on a daily basis for many years the Mann family had every confidence in being able to supply high quality fresh cut rose blooms to the local market of Australia.  The Mann family also felt there was a demand for good quality locally grown and produced roses as opposed to the inferior quality imported roses available.  (Please note the imported product may not be inferior at it's place of origin but after long air travel & being subjected to the regulations of the Australian Quarantine whereby all product must be dipped in Round-Up prior to travel to de-vitalize it & on arrival into Australia be subjected to Methyl Bromide to destroy any live organisms or pests - the imported roses have not got a good chance of looking or performing their best!)  Therefore, providing huge scope for freshly grown roses.

The appealing climate, the close market proximity of Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney, the high level of development and future potential development of the Central Coast, and the high standard of the infrastructure of the Central Coast made it the ideal area to establish a high quality rose growing facility.

With the assistance of Tony Axford from the Central Coast Regional Development Office based at Ourimbah Campus, the Mann family managed to secure a long-lease of a greenhouse facility at Active Industry Training's premises on Hakone Road in Warnervale.

Thus, Tony Mann and his two sons Wade and Tyron established TYRADE (PTY) LTD once again in Australia and began operating in January 2003.  The greenhouse, however, had to be converted from growing hydroponic tomatoes using the NFT (Nutrient Flow Technique) to growing HYDROPONIC ROSES using coco-peat as a growing medium.  Various adjustments had to be made to the greenhouse to better suit roses - a new drip irrigation system had to be installed, a new computer controlling the greenhouse ventilation & sun-screen systems had to be installed as well as a system to recycle all water and sterilize it had to be put in place.  Even the benches on which the tomatoes had previously grown upon had to be modified and new boxes brought in to cultivate the roses in.

The first rose speedlings were planted on 17th February, 2003.  The first rose blooms ready for sale arrived two weeks before Mothers Day 2003.  Tyrade Pty Ltd was officially in business.  The markets gradually grew as the production of the roses increased. 

Tyrade Pty Ltd wholesales it's roses to only a select few  florists on the Central Coast and in the Newcastle region.   Tyrade Pty Ltd pre-dominately sells directly to the public from the Rose Farm Shop (Warnervale Rose Farm) in Warnervale and the Ourimbah Rose Shop on the Pacific Highway, Ourimbah.  The ever growing customer base on the Central Coast is extremely loyal and frequent our two rose outlets - as they get great quality roses for best value for money prices.

Tyrade Pty Ltd began selling it's roses in bunches of a dozen blooms way back in 2003 - as this way a definite point of interest - and was how roses were traditionally given as a symbol of love - "A Dozen Roses" .   Tyrade Pty Ltd has thus developed an amazing brand name "A Dozen Roses" under which it now sells all it's roses to the public.  The "A Dozen Roses, Warnervale"  - The Rose Farm Shop based on the rose farm in Warnervale is the biggest, single outlet for Tyrade's "A Dozen Roses", closely followed by our other owned & operated outlet  "A Dozen Roses, Ourimbah" also known as "The Ourimbah Rose Shop" which was established in December 2006.   The second outlet was opened up to give easier access to our customers on the lower half of the Central Coast to our famous great quality  "A Dozen Roses".  The Ourimbah Rose Shop is ideally located 5 minutes from Palmdale, Palmdale Cemetery, Creightons Ourimbah,  Mackay Family Funerals and the Crematorium at Palmdale - which is very convenient for our customers too.   The close proximity to the Sydney - Newcastle Freeway is also very handy for busy commuters wanting to buy fresh roses whenever they like. 

In 2008 - a brand new logo & tagline was introduce to clearly state to the world who we are and what we do:-

A Dozen Roses

Direct from the grower!

Another point of difference is that we guarantee our roses to last a week!

A Dozen Roses Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a world class rose production facility consistently striving to cultivate, develop and deliver roses of outstanding quality in a harmonius environment. 

We aspire to provide superior service for all our products of great value, whilst ensuring every customer a lasting experience from "A Dozen Roses"

A Dozen Roses Vision Statement

The vision of "A Dozen Roses" is to inspire our customers by revealing our passion for superior quality roses that are guaranteed to last and change the way you feel, naturally.

A Dozen Roses Culture Statement

The culture at "A Dozen Roses" is one of:-

* Credibility

* Responsibility

* Versatility

* Integrity

* Loyalty

* Transparency

* Balance

With a strong commitment to our staff, customers, community and the environment!

Outgrow Outclass Outlast Outstanding