Greenhouses and Equipment - Warnervale

Outside appearance of the greenhouse - tanks to collect rain-water run off from the greenhouse roof.
The original greenhouse was supplied and erected by A.E.S. (Australian Environment Structure) from Western Australia. This a 3000m² growing facility with fully moveable vents and a twin-skin plastic exterior providing better insulation. All the irrigation system and controllers were supplied and installed by Complete Irrigation of Peats Ridge, New South Wales. Initially, the greenhouse was intended for hydroponic tomato production. However, when Tyrade took over the facility there was an extensive modification process undertaken to prepare the greenhouse for hydroponic rose cultivation.
The original internal material & fittings of the greenhouse.  The greenhouse slowly takes shape for hydroponic rose growing.
Merle Mann filling boxes with coco-peat.    Kate Mann filling boxes with coco-peat.
Finally, the greenhouse begins to take the shape of a high-tech. hydroponic rose growing facility
One year later - the greenhouse is fully productive and highly intensive.
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